Search the web and you can find lots of information about recurring revenue, scattered across vendor and consultant web sites, blogs and magazine and trade journal articles. What you can't find is a single source of literature that addresses everything you need to know to get started in recurring revenue - until now.

From One-time to a Lifetime: The Guide to Recurring Revenue Success addresses the effects of recurring revenue across the enterprise and the requirements for a successful business and technical deployment. In The Guide, you'll read:

  • Why companies are rushing to adopt recurring revenue models
  • What business and system capabilities are needed to support this new business model
  • What elements are necessary for success in a recurring revenue implementation program
  • How recurring revenue changes the way you look at data and measure success
  • Whether to buy or build systems and what to look for in a vendor
  • Practical steps for getting started
  • What the future holds for recurring revenue

The Guide's author, Bob Harden, says, "There is a lot of literature out there about recurring revenue, but little that talks about everything that needs to be addressed across the enterprise for a successful and enduring implementation. I wanted to write a guide to change that and to help practitioners consider the impact of recurring revenue across the entire enterprise. With the information in this guide, they can move forward with confidence and pragmatic knowledge based on deep experience.”

From One-time to a Lifetime: The Guide to Recurring Revenue Success was sponsored by Aria Systems. Jon Gettinger, Aria's SVP of Marketing, says, "Most businesses entering this  space have legacy systems or are looking at building new systems that can provide the platform for growth. To be successful, they need answers that go deeper than the typical marketing document affords. This guide delves into the real questions that need to be asked and the trade-offs that need to be considered before initiating the process.”

From One-time to a Lifetime: The Guide to Recurring Revenue Success is available as a free download from Aria Systems.

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